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Board nominations to be proposed to the Shareholders’ Meeting

At its meeting of February 15, 2023, the Board of Directors of Rexel unanimously decided, on the recommendation of the Nomination Committee, to propose to the next Shareholders’ Meeting of April 20, 2023, the renewal of Ian Meakins’ term of office as Director and to appoint Marie-Christine Lombard and Steven Borges as new independent members of the Board of Directors for a term of four years. Marie-Christine Lombard would succeed Elen Phillips, whose term of office will expire at the next Shareholders’ Meeting.

I deeply thank Elen for her contribution to the Board during all these years and for the richness of the interactions and exchanges we had. As part of the succession plan for Directors, the Board of Directors had identified additional needs in terms of expertise to adapt to the evolution of the Group and its market. Steven Borges, in addition to his knowledge of the U.S. market, will bring to the Board his knowledge of all industrial sectors at a time when issues such as industrial automation and investments related to sustainable development are at the heart of Rexel’s business in the industrial sector. Marie-Christine Lombard is a recognized executive with an impressive track record of success at the head of Geodis. In addition to her management experience, she will bring to Rexel’s Board her in-depth knowledge of transport, logistics and service issues, which, in conjunction with digital, are central to Rexel’s value proposition.”

Ian Meakins, Chairman of Rexel’s Board of Directors

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